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DoD Component Joint Publications

Number Title
Joint Publication 1-02 DoD Dictionary of Military Terms
Joint Publication 6 Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Publication 6, Chapter II
DFARS DoD Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
AFM 23-110 USAF Supply Manual
AMC-R 700-99/NAVSUPINST 4790.7/AFLCR 400-21/MCO P4410.22 Logistics Wholesale Inventory Management and Logistics Support of Multi-Service Used Nonconsumable Items
DLAR 3200.1/AR 715-13/NAVSUPINST 4120.30/AFR 400-40/MCO 400.18C Engineering support For Items Supplied by the Defense Logistics Agency and General Services Administration
DLAM 4140.20/AR 735-110/ NAVSANDA PUB 5003/MCO P4400.101 Supply Operations Manual, Distribution System Procedures, Volume I
DLAR 4155.24/AR 702-7/SECNAVINST 4855.5A/AFR 74-6 Product Quality Deficiency Report Program
DLAI 4145.4/AR 740-3/AFJMAN 23-231/NAVSUPINST 4400.100/MCO 4450.15 Stock Readiness
DLAR 4155.3/AR 30-12/NAVSUPINST 4355.2/AFR 74-5/MCO 10110.21 Inspection of Subsistence Supplies and Services
DLAM 4215.1/AR 700-43/NAVSUP PUB 5009/AFM 78-9 Management of Defense-Owned Industrial Plant Equipment (IPE)
OPNAVINST 4790.14/ AMC-R 750-10/AFT 21-133/MCO 4791.10/DLAD 4151.16 OPNAVINST 4790.14A/AMC-R 750-10/AFI 21-133(I)/ MCO P4790.10B/DLAD 4151.16, Joint Depot Maintenance Program
CJCSI 5721.01A Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 5721.01A, The Defense Message System and Associated Message Processing Systems
DOE-DNA TP 100-1, Navy SWOP 100-1, Army TM 39-100-1, Air Force TO 11N-100-1 Supply Management of Nuclear Weapons Materiel